Buying a citrus juicer is one of the greatest ways to differentiate your business from your competitors and we are aware of the big decision that it is for some business. There are a lot of reasons why choosing us is the best decision you can make, here are some of the main ones:

1. Our squeezing system


Our Efficient Vertical System cuts the orange in two halves and then presses down to extract the juice without touching the peel, obtaining a juice free of oils and acidity. This system is unique on the market and because of that vertical of movement, the juice falls directly into the glass, not having any contact with the fruit nor the different parts of the juicer. This leads up to 153% lower levels of chemicals residues on the juice than the rotary system used by our competitors1.

2. Best quality of juice

why-us-02If you compare the juice obtained from the different juicers on the market you will be able to see.

The color of the orange juice obtained using other systems on the market, is very different. The juice obtained using a Zummo juicer is orange, exactly the same color of the pulp of the fruit. Using other juicers, the color of the juice is yellowish, and that is because the juice has contact with other parts of the fruit.

3. Easiness to clean

Our juicer is very easy to clean; most of the outside parts (all except for the front cover) are dishwasher safe. Other juicers on the market can only be cleaned by hand and are very hard to disassemble, making the cleaning process very long. On our juicer this process takes less than 10 minutes!

4. MultiCitric and MultiSize

why-us-03Our juicers are able to squeeze any kind of rounded citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, grapefruits, pomegranates… Also because of the squeezing system, our size margin is a lot higher. With other juicers in the market the fruit size has to be very precise and if the fruits are bigger than a certain size, the juicer will not operate; with Zummo we are able to squeeze fruits from 100 to 113 count using the same kit.


5. Higher yield

The yield obtained by Zummo juicers for regular oranges goes from 90 to 95% of the juice, depending on the fruit season. In any case, given two equal fruits, from the same season and the same size, Zummo juicers squeeze around 20% more juice than other systems on the market2. This higher yield leads to higher profitability out of each case of fruit3.

6. Longer warranty

Our juicers have a 3 year warranty which is higher than the rest of the juicers on the market.

7. Durability

Zummo juicers are made with highly durable materials, most of the parts are stainless steel and only the parts that have direct contact with the juice are made from plastic as it is the best material to resist the acids that come from citrus fruits. Other juicers on the market are made completely from plastic and break easily; our juicers can resist an intensive daily use.

8. Availability of parts

We have more than 500 references available on our warehouse in Miami. Other juicers have to send the parts from their original manufacturers located outside of the US, which makes the parts more expensive and harder to get. From Miami we are able to get the parts to US, Mexico and Canada faster and cheaper.

9. Security

Zummo juicers use different security systems that ensure that the juicer will not operate unless all the parts are on the correct place, this way the person operating the juicer is safe from damaging himself with the juicer.

10. We have the fastest juicer on the market!

If you haven’t seen our Z40C working, you should take a look at the video that shows how it squeezes 40 oranges in one minute. Can you imagine squeezing up to 60 gallons the hour??

Are you still thinking about it? Join the Zummo family today!


1 Guaranteed by AINIA, Independent Research and Technological Centre for the Food Sector.
2 For a cage of 110 count oranges, Zummo obtained 264 oz, and our competitors obtained 221 oz.
3 From $6 to $12 per cage of oranges.