Zummo, an international reference in the manufacturing of professional squeezers, formalises an agreement with Casa Caridad with which the company starts the phase as a collaborator of this NGO.

Casa Caridad Valencia has, from now on, a new collaborator. Zummo and Casa Caridad have sign an agreement for which the company becomes part of the group “Companies with Value” in the “Gold” category, that collaborate with this association.

“Companies with Value” is an initiative focused on the business sector with the aim of defray the maintenance expenses of the Association, which are related to attending people at risk of social exclusion, in all the different areas. With their donations, companies not only contribute covering the basic needs of people without resources, but also redirecting their lives, promoting their reintegration in society and preventing social exclusion.

This agreement, supposes a turning point for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Zummo. This signature means that the commitment with Casa Caridad is extended to the employees of Zummo also, with a very high level of personal motivation and with their involvement in the different volunteer work and social cooperation carried out with Casa Caridad Valencia.