In 1992, Zummo Innovaciones Mecánicas, a Spanish company founded in Valencia, started its quest for the perfect fruit juice, gradually becoming a global benchmark in the design and manufacture of automatic citrus juicing machines and selling its products in over 90 countries. Today, 25 years later, Zummo has become a consolidated company and a prestigious brand known for quality in its sector and endorsed by its exclusive squeezing system EVS (Efficient Vertical System)..

The family

“Great companies can only grow
through teamwork”

8000 m2 of manufacturing plant.

8 production lines equipped with the latest technology.

Warehouses adapted to provide the best possible service.

740 m2 of office space with highly qualified professionals.




Zummo World

“People in over 90 countries drink Zummo”

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Zummo World


“Our squeezing system is unique
throughout the world and offers…”

Efficient Vertical System

The unique squeezing system of Zummo cuts each fruit vertically into two halves which are then squeezed by pressure. This means maximum yield and 100% natural taste.


Zummo juicers can squeeze any kind of citrus fruit of every calibre: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, etc. Some of our models are even able to extract pomegranate juice. Why not create your own blend?

Open View

Zummo squeezers guarantee obtaining the purest juice reducing as far as possible the route the juice takes from the moment it is squeezed until it reaches the glass for consumption, and we love to show this to consumers with our Open View system

Endorsed by AINIA

“The specialist independent technology
centre for the food industry”

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Maximum residue levels detected in the juice

ZUMMO System

Rotational System

Orange loads