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How to prepare pomegranate juice with an orange squeezer

Consumers, increasingly prefer to drink something healthy, light and refreshing when they go to the restaurant. Offering orange juice in cafes and restaurants is a very good option, but if you want to innovate, the squeezer Z06 allows you to offer a wide range of flavours, as it can make pomegranate juice too.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B and C, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium and it is poor in sodium. For that reason, pomegranate is a very digestive fruit and with a high content in fibre.  Furthermore, it is more antioxidant than wine and Green tea, due to its high content in polyphenols.



Five easy and healthy breakfast for your cafeteria

In the morning, everyone needs energy to cope with the day that starts, but sometimes they do not have too much time for long breakfast. From the coffee shops, we can offer healthy ones, full of energy and vitamins but faster, so not even the busiest people skip the most important meal of the day.

For us, a breakfast is not good if it does not include different types of essential nutrients: like vitamins, milk, proteins or cereals. The perfect combination would include a piece of fruit, but sometimes it is difficult to have fresh, cut and peeled fruit to serve in a coffee shop. That’s why we recommend you include a professional squeezing machine that allows you to offer the perfect meal to the customer, quickly and easily.

Today’s article leaves you some ideas of healthy, easy and fast breakfasts that you can use in your restaurant menu to succeed every morning.



Use fresh orange juice for the best cocktails this summer

We provide you with the best recipes  with orange juice you can use to make cocktails

As you know, orange juice is an antioxidant C vitamin font which helps you to strengthen your immune system, is low in calories and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. In conclusion, orange is good for you, so if we manage to include it in our diet, it will be much better.

That’s the reason why we want you to be prepared, “summer is coming” and we give you the best ideas of cocktail made with orange juice, so you can give them a fresh and healthy touch of fruit.

In addition, it is a good way to amortize your squeezing juicer machine even faster. Here we go!


  • Aprende a limpiar tu máquina exprimidora de naranjas

How to clean a Zummo oranges squeezing machine

There are a large number of Horeca squeezing juice machines and we would like to help you to choose the perfect one for your business. Therefore, after the article we wrote a few weeks ago about features and benefits of each squeezing machine, today we bring you information about how to clean them. Although all the machines are very similar to clean, it’s important to know how to dismantle each one and all the specifications.

Z1 squeezing machine

To dismantle, clean, dry and reassemble the machine takes 6 to 7 minutes.

Disconnect the machine, remove the peel bin, the drip tray, the front cover and the upper cover. Remove the blade for your safety and take out the cup by gently unscrewing the fastening, pulling the cup outwards next pull out the filter and juicing trays. wash the parts with soap and water, and wash the stainless-steel front of the machine before reassembly to make the machine as attractive as possible. See the explanatory video here


  • Menú del día saludable para tu restaurante

How to elaborate a healthy daily menu for your restaurant

The significance of offering a healthy daily menu in a restaurant

One of the global gastronomic trends nowadays is, without a doubt, healthy food and a “Healthy Lifestyle”. Customers increasingly look for healthier restaurant choices, therefore increasing the need for restaurants to cater for their needs.

This is the reason behind this article with different ideas and tips for your restaurant to be up to date and to increase your clientele.

The food industry is ever changing and it is the perfect moment to create new business opportunities to cater for those in search of a healthier diet. Without any question, the restaurants which offer healthy choices, are able to reach to a wider client group, adapting to their needs and preferences.


  • Cómo modernizar tu frutería

New trends to equip your fruit shop to the latest tendencies

A fruit shop is an everyday store that offers proximity, high quality products and an approachable customers service, which you would not find in large supermarkets.

However, all businesses must keep up with the times and renew themselves to offer the best shopping quality experience. This is the main reason behind this article, to show you the key elements necessary to incorporate to your own business in order to make it more successful.


  • citrus squeezer

Which citrus squeezer do you need in your shop?

How important is to incorporate a professional orange squeezer in our business

It is obvious that the interest for following a healthy lifestyle is growing all over the world. So that, now is the moment to offer the customers of your restaurant, café, hotel, or shop the possibility to drink a first quality and freshly squeezed orange juice by buying a citrus squeezer for your business.

In a society where people is continually looking for a better diet, it is truly important to consider the possibility of offering fresh and 100% natural products, as well as orange juice freshly squeezed.



Five reasons why you should drink orange juice on a daily basis

Benefits of drinking orange juice every morning

Why orange juice? A squeezing orange machine and a toaster are basics to have a good breakfast, and this is the key to start the day full of energy. Doctors recommend the intake of fruits and fibre in the morning to help the body restore itself and get its daily vitamin C fix.

Citrus fruits are known for the high content of vitamins, what better way to wake up than a freshly squeezed orange juice? The benefits of its consumption are very extensive, these are some of the most important ones:



Zummo’s next stop: NRA Show!

One more year, Zummo will be attending NRA Show, one of the most important exhibitions in the foodservice industry in North America.

From the 20th to the 23rd of May, we invite you to visit the booth #1872 – South Hall. There, you can meet our wide range of professional squeezers as well as try the tasty juice made by our machines.

See you in NRA!

  • Zummo participa en Hostelcuba 2017

We’re going to Hostelcuba!

This year, Zummo attends HOSTELCUBA for the first time, the leading trade show in the industry of restaurants, hotels and tourist services in Cuba and the Caribbean area.

From the 25th to the 27th of May, we invite you to visit the booth C36, where you can meet our wide range of professional juicers as well as try the tasty juice made by our machines.

In addition, you can attend the speech of presentation of our squeezers. It will take place Tuesday the 25th at 3:00 pm in the Events Room in Pavilion B.

We will wait for you!